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MY LITTLE PONY... euh.... 205



Ahhhh.... my Peugeot 205 Generation! At first I bought it purely as a replacement car, because I was stupid enough to wreck my previous car by "parking" it a bit too close to a tree.
It is not much of a fast car like the GTi, Griffe, etc, but after a few months I got really fond of it. The previous link shows how it looked when I bought it (well... some f*** stole my original Peugeot wheelcaps so I replaced it with those fake ones)

But no matter how much I like the car, it still needed some sort of improvement. ... let's take a look




Show off time! :
June 2004 : 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5
.. and an update of October 2004 : 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8
Snow during March 2005 : 1 . 2
August 2006, just before I went on a tour in France (hence the steel rims) : click
Update: new, fully revised 1.6 speedlines (replacing the 1.9 speedlines): click
Miscellanious images
pictures of the APT II (2005) tour ride (
pictures of the APT III (2005) tour ride (
pictures of the Lion d'Or tour ride (2006)
pictures of the APT IV (2006) tour ride (
pictures of the APT V (2007) tour ride (
pictures of the APT VII (2008) tour ride ( + BBQ
pictures of the 205's that were present @ "25 year Peugeot 205"
Line-art of my own 205 1 . 2
Line-art of Jon's TD - 1 - (40kByte)
Lion - 1 - (234 kByte)
Team VCC Twente Dimma
Folder of the Peugeot 205 Génération (Dutch)
709 x 1000 (141 kB) - 2109 x 1000 (460 kB) - 705 x 1000 (188 kB) - 705 x 1000 (182 kB)
142 kByte
461 kByte
189 kByte
183 kByte
PDF version can be found in PDF list below
Something every 205 lover should have : a Peugeot baseball cap




Peugeot 205 1.4i Generation specifications
Build Oktober 1997
Engine 1360 cc
  4 cilinders, 8 valves
Transmission 5, manual gearbox
Fuel system single point injection
Max power 55 kW (75 HP) / 5800 RPM
Max torque 111 Nm @ 3400RPM
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Compression ratio 9.3/1
Bore / stroke 75 x 77 [mm]
Spark plug gap  0.8 mm
Engine model TU3M (TU3JP ???)
Topspeed 175 km/h 
Accelleration  0 - 100 km/h in 10,6 sec
Weight  810 kg
Brakes Discs (front) and drums (back)
Wheelsize 13 inch (165/70/R13 H)
Length 3,70 m
Width 1,57 m
Color M0QU (Venetian Green)
15 inch 1.9GTi Speedline : sanded and powdercoated (Pirelli P6000 185/55/R15)
KW springs on the front side -> lowered by 35 mm 
Yellow Koni dampeners on all sides
  CD/MP3 player (low budget, saving money for a better HiFi headunit)
Window switch buttons were replaced by illuminated ones (green)
Remote alarm + immobiliser
Pioneer 3 way speakers in the front (replacing the standard ones)
Peugeot 205 reading light as found in the more luxurious models
Webasto manual tilt/slide roofwindow
New H4 type Valeo headlights (which actually should have been standard on a Generation!)
1.6 GTi rear axle - overhaul done by Serjon
Rear axle lowered : about 40 mm
Renault Clio phase II rear window screen wiper
Changed the head unit for the Pioneer DEH-P77MP (finally got my hands on a good bargain) => manual
Mounted the Alpine 6"x9" ovale speakers
@ 89000 km had the waterpump and distributor belt changed
New front wind shield (due to a crack in the old one :( )
Rain sensor - takes over the interval timing of the front screen wiper
Headlight control stick-handle thingy needed to be replaced (OMG! those are expensive!!!!)
New (45A) battery
GTi 1.6 rims , sanded and powdercoated in RAL9007 + winter tyres (because the Pirelli are shite at temp <7 C )
GTi roofspoiler, spray painted in the body color
Modded an "Peugeot Expert" logo to replace my original one... sample
New head gasket @ 110.565 km
Transparant side indicators
All - but one - small exterior damages fixed
New engine oil sump and new disc brakes set (front)
C style markings and door handles spraypainted in body color
Silencer replaced (by Peugeot original new one)
5 Volt convertor build in for navigation system, etc
complete, new set of rear brakes (Peugeot original)
new hose for discbrake fluid (passenger side, front)
passed the 150.000 km mark!
january new headlight (left side)
  new frontbumper + GTi frontspoiler
  newly spraypainted hood & grille
march fog lights
april new summer tyres: revised 1.6 GTi rims that replace the 1.9 speedlines + Uniroyal Rallye 550 (185/55/R14)
july adapted and mounted a second hand leather 405 steering wheel
august Koni shockdampeners replaced by Bilsteins
  transmission oil and front disc brakes replaced
january 180.000 km mark passed
  LED lights in boot
april right headlight unit replaced,
  Pilot bi-xenon 6000K mounted
may new engine starter
june new radiator, brake hoses (rear axle) and needle bearing (drivers side, rear axle)
september LED parking lights and changed the boot LED lights
october brake light switch replaced (item# 4534.02)
  distrubitor belt, alternator belt and waterpump replaced @ 195.465 km
March New exhaust + catalysator, gearshiftstick-things, pressureplate
Complete revision of rear axle




Still on my wishlist:
custom stainless steel EPS exhaust system
GTi rear spoiler
chipping (for better fuel economy)
fresh paint ...
custom seat covers and door panels


BUYING GUIDE ... or I'd like to think so

The engines fitted to the 205 varied from slow to incredibly fast! On the whole they are pretty reliable. Here are some of the problems/items that I heard of / read about on other sites...

On the GTi and XS models, a common problem (especially with cars that have led a hard life) is that the piston rings and/or valve stem oils seals deteriorate, which can lead to smoking and serious lack of performance. Check for this by running the car at idle for a couple of minutes then press the accelerator hard. If it smokes badly then you have a problem as oil is being burnt by the engine.

When you look for a car to buy, take the oil filler cap off and with the engine running, hover your hand above it. You should feel a regular patting of air on your hand. Also check for any signs of white coloured deposits. If those are present it can indicate a blown head gasket.

The 205's driveshafts tend to be a bit iffy. If you notice a shaking during accelerartion, then the most likely culprit will be the driveshafts. They tend to get bent out of shape quite easily, especially on cars that have been lowered. Test for dodgy shafts by steering the car round in a circle on full steering lock (both directions), if you hear a grumbling noise then they are most likely to be damaged.

If you decide to put larger diameter wheels on a 205, you increase the stress on the wheel bearings, so check for any suspicious noises coming from the front wheels.

The 205 has oil based shock absorbers with coil springs and a torsion beam system at the rear. This set up is pretty good and all 205's are competent road holders (or so they say ;) ). The XS has a slightly harder suspension set up and the GTi's have a harder set up still, this is to give a more sporty ride, compromising comfort.

The suspension system is usually without problems, but still check for excessive corrosion. When you want to lower your car for increased handling ability then make sure the torsion bar system at the back is not rusted or seized and that all bolt heads are clearly visible, it's an expensive repair if not.
Even on my reasonably new car the bolts were hard to turn.

Always check for uneven tyre wear as this could mean incorrect tracking or camber or even a more serious fault.

if you want to check the bodywork, look carefully for rust : Check the inside door sills, above the windscreen, inside of the front and rear arches and at the bottom sides of the windscreen
And when checking for filler, run a magnet across the surface (the magnet will not stick to that surface area)


Peugeot 205 brochure / leaflet

[SQ] = super quality scan ..... [HQ] = high quality scan (100-150dpi)..... [LQ] = low quality scan
HQ and SQ PDF files are scanned, color corrected and combined by me, myselfand I... if you download them, give me some credit please.

Other sources are:,, planete205

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Great rebuilding of cars .. a must see!

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